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Dear colleagues!
We are glad to invite specialists in rehabilitation, heads of federal and regional public authorities including those who work in social protection, education, health protection, culture and sport and organizations of rehabilitation for the disabled, scientific and practical centres and institutes, professional organizations 
to participate in
International Scientific Conference
“Innovative Technologies of Rehabilitation: Science and Practice”


Date: 11  – 12  April, 2019
Location: St. Petersburg



We will discuss the following topics:

  • ways of development of world rehabilitation system according to the standards and initiatives of the UN and WHO
  • the adaptation of assistive devices and technologies in case of mental and sensory, voice and speech, cardiovascular and respiratory, urogenital, neuro-musculoskeletal and the movement–related disorders

Crucial problems:

  1. WHO initiative "Rehabilitation 2030: A Call for Action"
  2. Rehabilitation in Russia and the ways of its development
  3. Assistive technologies in education, work and employment
  4. Communication and assistive technologies
  5. Rehabilitation technologies and mobility
  6. The application of  assistive technologies at self–care and in domestic life


The purpose of the conference is to unite the efforts of leading scientists, practitioners, middle and senior managers, to share experience and findings on all aspects of rehabilitation and assistive technologies; to provide an interdisciplinary platform for researchers and practitioners to discuss the latest innovations, trends and issues, including organizational and technological ones.


Registration of participants is open till ... th April, 2019 

General requirements for short papers:

  1. Short papers will be registered in the Scientific Electronic Library ( to increase citing of your works (Russian Science Citation Index).
  2. Short papers must be submitted via the conference website only. Deadline for short paper submissions is ... March 2019.
  3. The volume of short papers is up to 300 words.
  4. According to the standards of RSCI, short papers must have the title, family name, first name(-s) and patronymic name (for those who have it), affiliation details: the name of institution, city, country for each author (if all authors work in one institution, it is possible not to indicate the place of affiliation for every author separately), key words and abstract in the English language.
  5. The text should be indented and regulated thoroughly.
  6. Short papers must be submitted with the following sections:
    • Background and aims
    • Methods
    • Results
    • Conclusions
  7. The list of references is strongly recommended. It must be placed after the section ‘Conclusions’. In their papers, authors must mention all references included in the list of references.
  8. The Scientific Committee has the right to reject a short paper without assigning any reasons. All short papers which do not meet the requirements will be rejected.
  9. The speakers will be informed by 07th April, 2018. All speakers must have their short papers submitted and accepted.

The short papers must be submitted in electronic form by ... March, 2019

Registration for the conference is necessary.

The speakers must submit their presentations in Power Point via the conference website  by ... April, 2019.


If you have any questions connected with the conference, please, contact Alexander Shoshmin с

or Christine Rozhko on e-mail с or tel. +79313826770, +78125443493

FOR THOSE COUNTRIES THAT REQUIRE VISA TO COME TO RUSSIA, PLEASE, CONTACT US AS SOON AS POSSIBLE on e-mail с or tel. +79313826770, +78125443493 (Christine Rozhko)



Sincerely, the Scientific and Organizing Committee of the conference